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Our Genetix Reborn TAMED FX Shampoo, Conditioner and Calming Balm will help you gain control of those curls!
This Trio is a game changer that will temporarily change the structure of curly, wavy or frizzy hair making it more manageable.  The TAMED FX Trio are beautifully rich in botanicals and features extracts of the Australian native Illawarra Flame Tree flower that helps to smooth and relax curls.

Genetix Reborn Tamed FX Shampoo 300ml
Genetix Reborn Tamed FX Conditioner 300ml
Genetix Reborn Tamed FX Calming Balm 125ml

Our Styling and Treatment range will assist in caring for and protecting your hair during use for nourishing and styling.

Revita For Styling Blow by Blow
Revita For Styling b.Brushed
Revita For Styling Seaweed Gel
Revita For Styling Daily Control
Revita For Styling Smooth Dry with Flame Tree oil


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