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Our BLONDES Shampoo and Conditioner range are specially formulated to assist in toning unwanted yellow in blonde, foiled or grey hair and removing unwanted warm tones in all hair colours. Perfect for Blondes, lightened, foiled blondes, grey hair or to remove unwanted warm tones.

Genetix Reborn Toned FX Shampoo
Genetix Reborn Toned FX Conditioner

Revita for Blondes Shampoo 250ml
Revita for Blondes Conditioner 250ml
Revita for Perfect Blondes Pack

Our Styling & Treatment range will assist in caring for and protecting your hair during use for nourishing and styling.

Revita For Styling Blow by Blow
Revita For Styling b.Brushed
Revita For Styling Seaweed Gel
Revita For Styling Daily Control
Revita For Styling Sea Mist Salt Spray
Revita For Styling Flame Tree Serum


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