b.brushed detangler anti-static spray
Revita For
detangler and anti static spray
Blow by Blow blow dry spray
Revita For
Blow By Blow
โ€˜the perfect blow dryโ€™
Board Stiff
Revita For
Board Stiff
non aerosol hair spray
Daily Control
Revita For
Daily Control
shine & manageability
flame tree serum
Revita For
Flame Tree Serum
brilliant silk finish
Amplified fx
Genetix Styling FX
Amplified FX
Root Lifting Spray
Defined fx hair serum
Genetix Styling FX
Smoothing Balm
Detangled fx
Genetix Styling FX
Detangled FX
Protective Brushing Spray
Glossed fx
Genetix Styling FX
Glossed FX
Finishing Spray
pump up spray
Genetix Reborn
PUMPED FX Pump-Up Spray
Boosts volume and adds slight hold in fine, flat or thin hair for a bigger and bolder finish
Repair FX 60 Second Treatment
Genetix Reborn
REPAIR FX 60 Second Intensive Treatment
A 60 second complete hair treatment to nourish, revitalise and add shine to all hair types.
Tamed fx calming balm
Genetix Reborn
TAMED FX Calming Balm
Ultra moisturising and frizz eliminating leave-in calming balm for silky smooth, relaxed curled styles