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Genetix Reborn Pumped FX Trio Pack

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In stock


Maximise hair volume with the Pumped FX Trio Pack. An innovative formula bursting with nutrients and proteins to thicken hair to maximum fullness.  It will leave it visibly volumised, bolder and revitalised.  This trio will increase the texture of fine hair.  This opens the door to a new world of hairstyles previously unachievable to those with naturally fine or limp hair.

Our Genetix Reborn PUMPED FX Trio is bolstered with hydrolysed wheat proteins.  These help hair to increase its ability to retain moisture and naturally adds volume.  They also improve elasticity allowing hair to flow and shine more naturally. Pump it up and let it shine with our Genetix Reborn Pumped FX Trio.

Suitable for: Fine, flat and limp hair types.



1 x 300ml Genetix Reborn FX Pumped Shampoo

Body boosting and ultra-cleansing Genetix Reborn PUMPED FX Shampoo.  This will deeply cleanse normal, fine or limp hair types while nourishing and balancing moisture levels.  Will leave hair feeling silky and smooth and looks lifted and more full of life than ever.

1 x 300ml Genetix Reborn FX Pumped Conditioner

Ultra-nourishing and volume pumping Genetix Reborn PUMPED FX Conditioner will deeply condition.  Ideal for normal, fine or limp hair types.  It will revitalise and repair damage leaving hair silky and smooth. Hair will look lifted and more full of life than ever. This Conditioner is designed to weightlessly moisturise and detangle for a smoother, more sleek and voluminous finish.

1 x 125ml Genetix Reborn PUMPED FX Pump-Up Spray

Boosts volume and adds slight hold in fine, flat or thin hair for a bigger and bolder finish. PUMPED FX Pump-Up Spray will thicken hair to maximum fullness.  This leaves it visibly volumised and revitalised.  With on-going use, the hair will require less work to achieve incredible results each day.


This revolutionary volume pumping trio ‘Pumped FX Trio Pack’ work together to coat each individual hair strand to strengthen and expand for a visibly thicker, bouncier and shinier finish. An absolute game changer for Fine, Limp or Normal hair types.

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