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Genetix Reborn Freed FX Trio Pack

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In stock


The Genetix Reborn FREED FX Trio Pack will give you beautiful fresh hair.  The results are softer, silkier and shinier hair than ever!

Genetix Reborn FREED Shampoo and Conditioner are inspired by nature and beaming with botanicals.  As a result, they both contain performant levels of ingredients that get optimal results.  Botanical extracts work to get rid of impurities while restoring nutrients and vitality to the hair. This duo are the truly luxurious and incredible for any hair type.

Finish off with our ultimate non-greasy, lightweight leave-in moisturising mousse Revitafoam.  The outcome is the ultimate pack for naturally healthy hair. Subsequently, you can achieve the most naturally fresh hair with this incredible trio of products.

Suitable for: All hair types, normal hair and all colours.



1 x 300ml Genetix Reborn FREED FX Shampoo

Genetix Reborn FREED FX Shampoo for fresh hair is SULPHATE-FREE.  This shampoo is bursting with botanical goodness that cleanse and rejuvenate hair.  Above all, it will restore vitality, moisture and lustre for a softer, smoother and healthier finish.

1 x 300ml Genetix Reborn FREED FX Conditioner

FREED FX Conditioner is expertly formulated to intensely condition all hair types. Above all, it adds essential moisture to repair even the most brittle hair to a smooth and flowing state. This luxurious conditioner protects the hair from heat damage.  It will restore beneficial nutrients in the hair.  As a result, hair will be visibly softer, smoother and healthier looking.

1 x 125g Revitafoam

A lightweight leave-in moisturising foam for disentangling and enhancing hair elasticity.  Instantly tames the hair while minimising frizziness and dryness.


Genetix Reborn FREED FX Trio Pack for brilliantly healthier hair.




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