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Revita For Daily Control

shine & manageability

Daily Control lubricates and minimises the effects of humidity for a shinier and more manageable hairstyle.

It offers protection when styling and drying, and eliminates frizziness and visibility of split ends.

Daily Control makes even the most damaged hair look magnificent, smooth, and shiny.

It uniquely lubricates each hair to reduce the adverse effects of humidity when styling or drying.

It is cleverly formulated to replicate the protection and gloss found in the Preen Gland Oil of water birds. This includes chemical protection, water-proofing and maintenance of plumage brightness.

Daily Control magically improves colour brilliance and depth while adding a beautiful shine that naturally reflects light.

Use as a super fine spray for finishing mist to dried hair, or on wet hair as a styling mist.

Easily apply daily with a mess free spray application.

Never fear build up as Daily Control washes out and is totally water soluble.

View our complete Australian Made styling and treatment range.

SUITABLE: For all hair types.

DIRECTIONS: Lightly spray required amount onto wet or blow dried hair, or spray onto brush or hands and apply to hair. Can be used during blow drying for a flat, smooth finish.

INGREDIENTS: Cyclomethicone, Octyl Succinate, Dimethicone, Cetearyl Octanoate, Bisabolol, Fragrance.


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