Revita for Thicker Hair IntroPak is brilliant for all hair types where you just want thicker, more voluminous hair. More hair for all hair!

This miracle IntroPak contains:

HAIR THICKENING SHAMPOOΒ A brilliant hair thickening shampoo that actually works by coating each hair individually making each hair thicker! Derived primarily from natural sources with surfactants sourced from renewable and ethical coconut oil. Features extracts of herbs & wheat proteins which boost individual hair strands for thicker more voluminous hair.

REVITAFOAMΒ A multi-purpose, moisturising foam for disentangling and enhancing hair elasticity – a leave-in/no-rinse moisturiser that gives instant visual results without being greasy or heavy and immediately tames the hair – minimising frizziness and dryness.

HAIR THICKENING SPRAYΒ When applied evenly and throughout all of the hair, the spray coats each hair separately to make it THICKER. Simply and easily coats each hair for thicker, individual hairs, making your hair thicker yet your hair will still move freely with optimum shine. This miracle product is water soluble which eliminates danger of build up and is excellent for fragile or very fine hair.

This brilliant combination of Revita products is perfect for you if you want thicker more voluminous hair whilst adding shine and moisture and enhancing the overall condition of your hair! More hair for all hair.


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