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Revita For Seaweed Gel

all natural superior hold

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In stock


Seaweed Gel is uniquely formulated using naturally sourced ingredients for superior hold and brilliant curl retention, gloss and hold factor when styling. This gel dramatically reduces static and improves the behaviour of fly-away hair.

It gives great hold for styling or moulding to wet hair and assists in blow drying when you need lift and behaviour control to fly-away hair. Seaweed Gel can be used on both wet or dry hair for any styling requirements.

It’s amazing for blow drying and adding body and hold to a shape. Ideal for naturally curly hair. It brilliantly holds hair in place, and can hold curls on even the softest, finest hair. Set your style with this superior all natural holding gel.

Seaweed Gel is totally water soluble so you have no fear of product build-up.

Seaweed extracts are mineral-rich and add protection to the hair to reduce moisture loss.  Beneficial nutrients and vitamins from seaweed extract assist limp or flat hair types. Seaweed proteins strengthen roots, add body and shine and condition the scalp and hair.

A natural alternative styling product instead of mousse or styling spray. Brushes out and washes out.

A proudly Australian Made naturally derived product that is cruelty free with no animal testing.

View our complete Australian Made styling and treatment range.

SUITABLE: All hair types, Naturally curly hair.

DIRECTIONS: Pump a small amount into your hands and distribute evenly throughout all layers of hair or where you will be styling. Use on wet or dry hair and style or finish as usual. Mould, style, shape and sculpt any style into any shape. Individualise small pieces or large areas.

INGREDIENTS: Sugar cane spirit, glycerol from palm oil, seaweed gellant, cellulose, copolymer, fragrance, sorbitol esters, lemon acids, preservative blend, amino acid preservative, food blue 2.

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