Revita for Long Flowing Hair IntroPak is designed to detangle and add moisture while enhancing shine and condition in your hair. Perfect for long hair.

This luxurious IntroPak contains:

NOURISHING SHAMPOOΒ A rich nourishing and conditioning shampoo for use on all hair from thirsty, dehydrated hair to bleached, tinted hair and coarse hair. This beautiful shampoo adds moisture and improves condition. A great all purpose shampoo to maintain optimum condition for problem-free hair.

LUXURIOUS CONDITIONERΒ An intensive and moisturising conditioner for all hair types featuring extracts of green tea and silk protein. Formulated to enhance shine, body, manageability and protection. Revita for Luxurious Conditioner is ideal for all types of hair including bleached, tinted and coarse hair.

b.BRUSHED SPRAYΒ An effortless detangler and anti-static spray. It minimises damage caused by stretching when brushing hair while wet. Protects against heat damage. Adds gloss to hair which makes hair look and feel healthier. Hair flows and swings. Ideal for long hair.


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