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What is good for men’s health and how to improve it.

Most often, men go to the doctor only for serious pathologies. Unfortunately, this approach negatively affects the health of the body in general and the reproductive system in particular. Timely identified and eliminated problems of the genitourinary system are the key to excellent health and sexual activity. Nutrition A balanced diet is necessary for the … Continued

Revitafoam – A quick HOW TO apply

Want hair that feels good and looks good? Of Course you do! Just like your skin needs moisturiser; so does your hair! Revitafoam is a multi-purpose, moisturising foam for disentangling and enhancing hair elasticity – a leave in/no rinse moisturiser that gives instant visual results without being greasy or heavy and immediate tames the hair … Continued

More Hair; for all hair!

MORE HAIR FOR ALL HAIR! Hairdressers have been using products claiming to add volume to hair for many years. They have primarily been holding lotions and sprays that coat the hair with a resin hold and thus make hair stiffer and feel stronger for more lift or hold. They do give a better feel of … Continued

The Perfect Blow Dry!

  Blow By Blow ‘the perfect blow dry’ combines the latest active ingredients resulting in the fast blow dry ever! Quick Dry | Anti-Static | Detangle & Moisturise | Shine & Condition | Heat Protectant | Light Control Hold This lightweight, water-based spray contains a blend of polymers and conditioning actives to dramatically reduce drying … Continued


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