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Hairdressers have been using products claiming to add volume to hair for many years. They have primarily been holding lotions and sprays that coat the hair with a resin hold and thus make hair stiffer and feel stronger for more lift or hold. They do give a better feel of hold to the hair but none actually make each hair thicker.

Revita ‘For’ Hair Thickening Spray is not like the other things that have been about. It does a different thing.


Hair Thickening Spray when applied evenly and through the whole of the hair, coats each entire hair to make it THICKER. This gives a real effect of stronger hair WITHOUT any resins or artificial sticky or holding agents.

The hair looks natural – just thicker!

There is a lot to be said for a spray that simply and easily coats each hair for thicker individual hairs. For example, long smooth hairstyles can be a nightmare and look scratchy and dull with holding products containing artificial resins and hold agents etc. Best product, hands down, for a smooth style is Hair Thickening Spray if you want thicker hair. It simply and easily coats each hair for thicker, individual hairs, making them thicker but the hair still moves with optimum shine.

The regular holding type products which many wrongly refer to as ‘volumising sprays’ can build up, causing dryness and the hair will eventually look lifeless. Not so with our Hair Thickening Spray.

The hair looks natural – just thicker! It is also totally water soluble so no danger of build-up. Excellent for fragile or very thin hair too.

Beware using resin or sticky agents for hold as they are usually not water soluble and will eventually build up making the hair brittle and easily broken.

Why did we make it a spray?

  1. It’s way easier to use via a spray.

  2. Cream versions had to be evenly applied and if too little or too much was used, then you would not get a nice even result for maximum benefit to all the hairs. The spray ensures easier even application.

  3. The spray can be applied to dry or wet hair and if using on dry hair, apply, brush and blow dry to refresh the style. Obviously there are many needs out there amongst clients and Hair Thickening Spray may not be for them, if all they want is more lift and hold. However, there are a high percentage of people to whom a thicker hair shaft is important and not just for what you discern as fine hair.

Most people think they have fine hair! Truly, even when we as hairdressers would consider their hair, average. So it can be used on fine, medium or thick hair for thicker hair shafts. Not just fine hair. It benefits all hair. Excellent for fragile or very thin hair too.

This is another unique Styling product that Mayo has produced that cannot compare to any other product available. If you explain it for what it does, it will walk out the door.

So again – what does it do? It thickens the hair! Every hair you spray it on!

Quite literally – MORE HAIR FOR ALL HAIR.

Remember – this is a construction product – a real tool to uniquely achieve a true outcome.

Some products may work for some and others for some but this will work for all who want a thicker hair shaft. It is perfect for that root lift volume. Spray directly into the roots on towel dried  and blow dry upside down for maximum volume!

So to recap if you want thicker hair – use Hair Thickening Spray. If you want thicker hair plus hold and lift, add Seaweed Gel after the thickening spray. Seaweed Gel, now that’s a brilliant product


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